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Get Outta There!

Blackboard concept for leaving your comfort zone behind and moving to where the fun starts

When I turned 15, the thought of obtaining a job entered my mind. After evaluating thoroughly what kind of job I would like to pursue, I decided to apply for a job in Sales at a sporting goods store. Filled with positive energy I approached 5 sport stores. All of them turned me down. I arrived home and expressed my disappointment by referring to my stomach that hurt from the rejections. This was my first interaction with the hardness of the business world. However, I learned from that experience. A few weeks later I was working at L.J. Sport.

A short while ago, I considered my life at Capgemini to be too comfortable and I detected a feeling of stagnation. After an entrepreneurial break, I decided to start a new adventure in Dublin. To build up a new life career-wise, city-wise and socially wasn’t complete fun. The bureaucratic system in Ireland completely confused and frustrated me. At the beginning, I considered the pressure quite high at my new job. I had difficulty building a solid social network. However, I learned from those experiences. Today, I consider my move to Dublin a blessing.

Three days ago, I departed for my vacation to Murcia. I needed a break from the rat race in Dublin by getting to know new people and experience a relaxing culture. I decided to stay in Murcia with four art students. Given my limited feeling and knowledge of fine art this can be considered not completely in line with my standard life. It cost some time sync properly with them. However, I learned from these interactions and it enriched me. We went to a Mexican Art exposition and I witnessed a graffiti artist showing enthusiastically, and talking vividly, about his works of art down on the walls of the city centre. An enriching experience that I do no encounter daily in Dublin.

During – my solo travel by bicycle to the North Cape, the abundance of awkward moment encountered while living in Nepal and constantly meeting new people while stretching my limits – I came to know that getting out of my comfort zone correlates with personal development.  If you step out of the known and confidently embrace the ambiguity of the new unknown situation, you will stimulate personal development. Getting out of your comfort zone incurs a stress reaction in your body. This should not be considered negative but completely positive. Consider it the strength of your body to anticipate on the necessary change that’s about to happen.

Anyhow, in the end, we remain to prefer the comfortableness of life and are not inclined to step out of the comfort zone. Why should you go out to meet new people to develop socially, while the couch and your favourite Netflix episode are waiting for you to indulge yourself on? Why should you choose for a complete unknown vacation destination to explore this beautiful world when the camping you always visit in the South of France is so comfortable and convenient? Why should you leave your well-known and comfortable job to enhance personal development?

As we all know, the task is harder than it sounds to step out of your comfort zone and stimulate personal development. Personally, I intend always to come up with new ways to challenge myself to learn more about myself, my fellow terrestrials or the beautiful world I live in.

I have benefited multiple times from stepping out of my comfort zone. I would like to share 3 ways how I stepped out of my comfort zone in terms of my work and personal life. They helped me to challenge myself. So here is some free advice, enhancing personal development and in the end happiness…

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone at Work

Consider asking that colleague you never talk to for lunch, or even better to work on a project.

> I learned that the people you almost never talk to, are mostly the people you can learn the most from.

Decompose your working year target in the activities that build up to this target.

> This could sound like a manager talking but I learned loads from it. I obtained visibility in my working endeavour and actions that needed to be taken to excel. And that’s not always fun to become aware of because it clarifies there is a shit load of work to do…

Improve that one activity you suck in at work by studying every morning this subject for an hour.

> I have loads of subjects I suck in. Hence, this is a good one for me. I noticed that the activities that sucked before begun to become interesting if not fun to do.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone in Your Personal Life

Choose a completely new travel destination and travel company.

> While travelling you are completely assigned to each other. Hence, you learn loads from each other (or yourself). Next, every distinct destination has something unique to offer. Don’t miss out on the abundance of realms in this world!

Go to an event and start a conversation with a complete stranger

> People are innately genuine and caring. Nobody will turn you down instantly if you approach people caring, without judgement and with respect. All people are so beautiful and I believe there’s not one single person in this world where you cannot learn from.

Leave your daily routine once in a while and enjoy spontaneity

> While living in Dublin I’ve built quite a solid routine for myself. Despite the fact it feels unnatural, it is beneficial and a relief to step sometimes out of that routine and enjoy the occasional craziness and spontaneity that everyone needs.


That’s all cool…. but do I have to leave my comfort zone right away?


That’s not the message that I attempt to convey by means of the blog post. It totally depends on the kind of person you are and where you want to go to with life. It’s recommendable for every person to honestly assess the current situation in terms of personal development exerted by stepping out of your comfort zone. Next, try to define your desired state regarding personal development exerted by stepping out of your comfort zone.


  • So… What is on top of mind after reading this blog post?
  • Ok. Challenge me. What is a comfort zone I should step out off?


Love to hear your thoughts so do not hesitate to drop me a line.

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