October 28, 2017 jasperdetaeye

How to maintain the right balance on the ever speed-boosting train of life?

Since the dawn of time, we are trying to keep up with the exponentially increasing pace of life. In healthcare we are able to cure diseases that were incurable 10 years ago. Because of the fact viruses are even so developing with a bizarre pace, we haven’t found a way to extinct passing away as a result of a disease. However, we are setting gigantic development steps every day. In education we find ways to personalise and optimise the learning of every unique student. Last but not least, we have found ways to automate, standardize and remodel ordinary business processes.

A train doesn’t metaphorise the pace of development anymore. A rocket resembles more the pace of development nowadays.

The development rocket of every life aspect, industry and market is speeding up to a despicable pace. It’s not possible anymore to stay up to speed with all aspects of life. Due to the increasing speed of development in every aspect of life, it’s impossible to keep up with everything. Resulting in stress, a feeling of losing control and a feeling of incompetence. Why do you think nowadays more and more encounter a burnout? In the USA, 1 out of 4 individuals eventually encounters a burnout. Anyhow, life demands us to keep up with the ever-increasing developments of nowadays. But… how…?

How do you keep up with the ever-increasing speed?

To keep up with the ever-increasing speed is possible. However, you have to clearly determine where you want to assign your most valuable resource to; time. I dare to claim it’s impossible to keep up with the ever-increasing speed in every aspect of life. Hence, the first choice is which industries/sports/hobbies do you identify most with and do you want to keep up with. Are you fascinated by data analysis? Study it! Are you fascinated about running? Go for it! Are you fascinated about dieting? Research it! It doesn’t matter which aspects of life you choose, but choose them wisely and stick to them.

Once you’ve chosen the aspect of life that revitalizes you, you should further decompose this aspect and choose more specifically. As Usain Bolt chooses to be the master in the 100m instead of in running in general, you should determine what part of the life aspect makes your heart tick faster. Once that is established, you can set a related achievable goal and draft a plan on how to achieve that goal. Personally, I recommend talking with specialists in that specific sub-industry to draft a plan on how to tap your potential.

There is an abundance of technologies and trends you can develop in. Lately, I have chosen to develop myself further in Blockchain. I choose to develop myself further in this technology because I am convinced of the impact it will have on the society. Next, the mathematical components fascinate me. My next step is to decide upon the canalisation of my endeavour to one specific subset in the Blockchain industry like coins, retail blockchain, philanthropy blockchain etc. To steer my investment of my most costly resource (time) in the right direction, I have united with a blockchain interest group. Together, we bundle forces, insights and perspectives. People and technology intrigue me. Hence, I use them both to support my study/life endeavour.

What are the implications of deciding to keep up with the ever-increasing speed?

There are so many aspects to life to keep up with. It’s impossible to be a master in all aspects of life. Hence, I consider it to be of paramount importance to clearly categorise the different aspect in life to keep up with. Category 1: life aspects that revitalise you and that you want to become an expert in. Category 2: life aspects that interest you but due to time constraints you only keep up with by reading weekly headlines and monthly perhaps an article. Category 3: life aspects that do not suit you (at the moment) and where you solely create awareness through random interactions.

The majority of your distinct life aspects will reside in category 3. It’s just impossible to keep up with everything. The implication of assigning certain life aspects to the 3rd category is that you isolate yourself to some extent from these people. For example, the music genre opera is in the 3rd category for me. Hence, I don’t know any Opera singers and I don’t know much about it. Anyhow, it’s not impossible to re-engage with 3rd category life aspects. Recently, I have started seeing a girl who sings Opera. Hence, it seems like I begin to reconsider the categorisation of the life aspects Opera. Maybe one day it will reside in the 1st category.


In the end, it’s all about prioritisation, drafting a clear plan and balancing out the different aspects of life. Due to globalisation and the exerted rate of transparency due to the Internet, the amount of options to spend our time on is numerous. Hence, it’s key to be aware where to assign your time to and re-evaluate that constantly while time evolves. There is nothing so changeable, versatile and mutable as a human being.

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