September 16, 2017 jasperdetaeye

What Scares You?

Yesterday, I’d a conversation with a colleague of mine. She was selected to present a certain topic to the entire office in Dublin. In other words, she had to convey vividly a message to around 100 persons. She exclaimed to me that this clearly raised some nerves. She elaborated on it by explaining an accumulated over time developed fright for presenting for groups. To reflect, my colleague was clearly anxious for this presentation. A clear undefined belief laid the foundation of her anxiousness and the scariness of this event.

But in the end, what is scary? When are you getting anxious about something? And to be more specific, when are you getting anxious about something that is not physically threating. Two elements are essential to determine if you feel a certain extent of scariness or if you’re anxious about something. These two elements regard unfamiliarity and vulnerability.

We are creatures of habit. We extract comfort and hence confidence from the habits we have established for ourselves. In case we do something we have never done before we feel anxious. When we step out of our comfort zone, we enter a new unfamiliar world. The great thing is when you frequently do this we establish a new habit and we expand our comfort zone. In such a case, we, even so, begin to feel comfortable with the previous unfamiliar acts that raised anxiousness. However, in that case, it seems like we could conquer and eliminate every scary event over time. The last element induces that it is unfortunately not the case.

We all have values. The extent to which people are consciously aware of them differs. We all have a certain pride. We all have our uncertainties. We all have beliefs of the world. If we embark on events that jeopardize our values, our pride and our beliefs, we think and often act repulsive. If we embark on events that accentuate and exert our uncertainties, we often decide to avoid such events. The second element that defines events to be anxious/scary is a fear of vulnerability. Vulnerability is such an important concept and is competently clarified and surveyed in the book of Brene Brown.

Asserted by many, an essential element to start to know a person thoroughly is to know what this person scares the most. What does this person consider to be anxious to do? Which event gives a person a feeling of giving a presentation times a thousand. By means of this blog, I will give you a unique insight into myself. I will try to define concisely what I consider scary and anxious to do. What do I consider as giving a presentation for ten thousand persons? No, it’s not presenting because I love that. Are you ready what it rightfully is for me?

Anyhow, I have clearly reached a point in blogging that I experience a dominant repulsiveness to not share. However, my values honesty and authenticity motivate me to push through and answer the question below…

What’s consciously the scariest thing for you to do?

To let go… To leave hold of… To give up…


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