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Food for Thought – One Life

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April 2017, I started a series of post regarding questions that exert us to think more about life (1, 2, 3). I selected the life questions subject because we often neglect to contemplate regarding these matters, with the consequence that we miss out on the growth opportunity that’s manifested in these life questions. Even so in this post, I’ll elaborate on a life question by clarifying the importance and answering the question myself. Do not hesitate to drop me a line if you are interested in any further thoughts of mine.

What would you do differently when you would be reborn?

As much as we try to control life and mold it to our desire, life is subject to uncontrollable and unfavorable change. One of the most important life lessons is to learn how to cope with insecurity. Nevertheless, we do have a certain amount of control in life. We are responsible for the consequences of our actions and choices. We often enough make choices that we regret in hindsight. But what would you say when you get the choice to do it all over? Would you want to change something?

Reflection is key in life. Reflection is the enabler of learning. Learning often follows the process of analyzing the current state and detecting improvement. Next, a definition of the desired state should be made. To conclude, a plan should be made to reach the desired state. By proper reflection, you are able to start the process of learning. This question manifest the ultimate form of reflection. Videlicet, to understand what you should alter in life to be happier with the future of you and your environment. The result of this contemplation is a framework that can be followed to refine your life.

My Answer

A simple and easy answer to this question should be; I would not do anything differently when I would be reborn. The rationale behind this would be that you are happy with your current life. So, why change anything on the path to happiness. But as already emphasized, I deem this to be the easy answer to this profound question. If you are happy, you should be satisfied regarding this state of mind. However, you could always reach a refined state of happiness in which you enabled others to be happy as well or by optimizing the sustainment of environmental aspects. Hence, I am not entirely satisfied with me answering this question in this avoiding way.


I think my life should’ve looked different and I would perchance be able to reach a higher extent of happiness and fulfillment while sustaining environmental aspects, if I’d altered certain things in my life. It is impossible to know if I would have reached a better state. However, I can claim that I would have had a different life if I would have made different choices. If I would not have gone for a drink the 24th of October 2012, my life would have evolved differently. If I would have chosen another country than Nepal to travel to in 2014, my life would have evolved differently. If I would not have chosen to move to Dublin, my life would have evolved differently. Merely, the first choice regards a decision that I would have altered in case I could do it all over. Mainly because of the sorrow and distress it has caused for me and my surroundings.

Above I refer clearly to choices regarding events that could be altered. However, in the end, if you would like to refine the outcome of your life sustainably, you should change habits. We have the power to choose and learn the habits we want. After we first have made out habits, our habits will eventually make us. Anyhow, there are most definitely habits I would like to eliminate and habits I would like to learn.

What about you?

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