August 18, 2017 jasperdetaeye

Cackle like a peacock while chasing inner peace

Over the last week, I have neglected writing weekly a blog post. Mostly because of the busyness of a vacation schedule (this sounds contradictory but will be clarified further on in this post) and my high intensity running training schedule. Nevertheless, I experience it to be relaxing and meditative to write a post. Hence, I continue writing a post regarding the result of two types of vacations.

This year, I decided to go on vacation in Scotland. Why Scotland? I’ve begun to like the Irish atmosphere and nature more and more. Hence, I wanted to explore this further throughout the UK. Next to the aspect nature, there are two other important aspects of a vacation preferable to me. During a vacation, I also enjoy having the possibility to do some sportive activities. The hills of Scotland suit perfectly for hikes and running activities. At last, I like to have some company on my vacation. Luckily, Jelle was also interested in exploring Scotland.

This vacation was divided into two halves due to other travel plans of Jelle. We planned to travel the first half together and, the second half, I will continue as a lone wolf exploring Scotland. We arrived last Saturday, rented a car, and took off to explore the magnificent countryside, sporadically surprised by typical Scottish showers.

The first half of the vacation typifies the way Jelle and I even so live in Dublin. We packed the entire day full of activities. The first day represented clearly the activity-intense first half of the vacation. We arrived in Scotland in the morning and collected the car. After we drove for a while, we went for a paddling tour through a Loch. Subsequently, we went for a lunch into a characteristic Scottish pub, continued by a hike to a castle. Next, I headed out for a run through the hills of Scotland. To conclude, we had a typical Irish stew for dinner in a pub followed by coffee at the lakeside.

This way of orchestrating a vacation has its up- and downsides. It was really like we tried to get the maximum out of the vacation by bombing our days with as many activities as possible. In this way, we assumed to be able to cherish all these memories that we collected, once in Dublin. However, to which extent did we really perceive these moments? It was almost like we were already occupied with the next activity while finishing the other. This vacation orchestration can also be referred to as tiresome and is not eligible to reach peace of mind.

The first half of the vacation flew by, and before I knew it, I was having some last drinks with Jelle in a hostel in Edinburgh. We concluded our vacation together in style with a pint of Guinness and an evening full of laughter and connecting with people all over the world. We had a great time in Edinburgh. It is such a lovely, vivid and charismatic city. I most definitely recommend this city to visit once in Scotland. I rate it far above Scottish cities like Aberdeen or Glasgow.

The second half of the vacation was in the light of simply Being. After my stay in Edinburgh, I headed to the countryside again and spend my days running, hiking, reading, chatting with locals and most of all trying to find inner peace. I found inner peace by being consciously aware of every experience and by listening completely to my body and not solely my mind.

I have to admit that the Scottish countryside enabled me moving away from my busy life in Dublin. In the end, I can confirm that I even so really enjoyed the quiet second part of my vacation. By just not feeling obliged to do a thousand things and being one with nature, your body and mind, I was able to recharge the battery fully. After this vacation, I felt kind of reborn. A vacation like this is really what every person needs.

At one of my accommodation, I stayed with a Scottish retired couple in a national park in the north of Scotland. They lived completely sober surrounded by beautiful nature and several animals. Dogs, Cats, Peacocks and Chickens were walking everywhere in the yard and sometimes even so in the house. These people were so one with nature. I really admired it and it resulted in the well-known rationalization that you do not need much to live a happy life.

However, until the moment, my host began to cackle like a chicken to decoy the chickens. At that moment, I thought …..

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