July 22, 2017 jasperdetaeye

To Continue or To Give Up

Day in, Day out, we are making progress. Could you imagine a life without making any progress? Progressing in life correlates with happiness. Hence, people often strive for progress in different fields in their life. The main tool to enable and measure progress and growth are goals. Given the fact we are all aiming for progress and growth, we can state that life is all about setting goals. For example, by setting goals to improve your relationship with your partner, setting goals to find more inner peace, setting goals to rapidly climb the career ladder and setting goals to beat your personal record running 10k.

To find a proper balance between challengingness and achievable-ness in setting goals is essential. When a goal is not challenging we do not push ourselves enough to grow to our full potential. When we over-challenge ourselves we jeopardize our motivation and mood. Hence, finding the right balance is crucial. Despite the fact we would like to reach our goals effortless and without any worries, a balanced goal inevitably challenges you to a level accompanied with some mental and physical stress. Your body needs to adapt to the boundaries approached by challenging goals and will react panickily.

If goals are set correctly and you have established a goal that will help you reach your full potential, it is inevitable that you’ll reach your “screw it all” point. Others refer to it as your breaking point. I refer to it as your “screw it all” point. That’s the point when you have set a goal to obtain your dream role on work and you are working late night overloaded with work and you doubt your desire and suitability for the dream role. That’s the point when you have set a goal to improve your relationship with your spouse and your spouse doesn’t honor again the mutually defined agreements. Whatever proper goals you set you will always encounter the “screw it all” point. The point that you want to give up and search the comfort of a sofa. However, embrace this point. The point is the vehicle of favorable change you’ll endure.

At the moment, I started my 16 weeks training schedule to run a marathon below the 3 hours. If you don’t know much about marathons, running the marathon below the 3 hours is quite a challenge. So the challenging part has been met by this goal. But is it achievable? Embodied by positive energy, I have printed a training schedule found online. Last week, I started my endeavor to train to run the marathon. So by reflecting on the framework discussed regarding creating goals and progressing towards goals, did I face the “screw it all” point already? Hell yeah!

I have run the last four days nearly 70 kilometers. Going for a 15k run last evening was the moment I encountered my “screw it all” point. I thought to myself. Why the hell am I doing this? What do I want to achieve with this? Is this healthy? Immediately, I started to rationalize to abandon this goal. However, I also quickly interrupted my internal dialogue by saying to myself: Hell no! You set this goal! You’ll stick to it! You will achieve this goal! The result was that I continued my run and now I am fueled up with optimism and energy to achieve my goal to run the marathon below the 3 hours!

The moment I encountered the “screw it all” point intrigued me. I have to give up several things in order to achieve this goal. How long will it last? How often can I surpass the “screw it all” point? Given the fact I am interested in personal development, I wanted to explore this further. Hence, I committed to myself that I will count and analyze all those “screw it all” point. Hopefully, I can write an inspiring blog post about it after I run the marathon within 3 hours.

Which goals do you want to achieve? Are those goals challenging? Are those goals achievable? Have you often faced the “screw it all” point?


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