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Inspiration is the catalyst and guide of everybody’s life journey. I am so fortunate to have a very inspiring surrounding. By means of this blog, I intend to share the genuine message of this inspiring surrounding and add a little Jasper flavor. The wonders of this world energize, motivate and inspire me. Everybody has an own personal way to digest these wonders. Personally, I like to put these wonders in perspective by means of philosophical, relational and explorational thoughts.  

100% Philosophy

The unexamined life is not worth living.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

100% Relations

We are all living in a interconnected beautiful world. What’s a world without genuine compassionated relations?

100% Exploration

The worlds embodies a vast amount of spectacular wonders. It is your obligation to explore them and live life to its fullest


Highlighted Blog Post

The End of Times

If you haven’t experienced an event, you cannot imagine what the consequences of an event will be. That was clearly the case for me last week in Ireland. As far as I can remember as a child, I have never witnessed a snowstorm. Prior to what happened this week, I considered myself a snowstorm virgin. Next, I have never experienced a country disrupting event in Ireland before. Last week both virgin experience were melted into one and I’ve been deflowered.

Last Tuesday people uttered that a major blizzard was coming. Everybody exclaimed that we really should prepare ourselves. This resulted in a load of Irish rushing to supermarkets to stock up for the tough days coming. I couldn’t believe what was happening. What’s the fuzz!


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